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Frequently asked questions

If you have been thinking about leaving your old eyeglasses behind and make the change to contact lenses but you still have a few doubts on your mind, we have created this Frequently Asked Question manual to help you clear up your mind.



What is the recommended age to start using contact lenses?
There is no specific age, ideally from the age at which the person already has responsibility to take good care of their lenses. It also depends on the adaptation and tolerance of the patient.


Why do I need a prescription for contact lenses?
Your contact lens prescription is specially adapted to the shape of your eye and your vision needs. The eyes vary in size and shape. Only a professional eyecare can accurately measure your vision correction needs and determine the size and type of contact lens suitable for you.

Is a contact lens prescription different than a glasses prescription?

The answer is yes. Every Time you order contact lenses, the prescription must contain important information like the power of the lenses, the size of the lens, the type and/or brand of lens.


Is it safe to sleep with my contact lenses on?

Certain contact lenses can be worn as you sleep. However, the risk of eye problems increases with overnight wear.

How to take care of your contact lenses?

Taking care of your contact lenses is easy and does not require great effort. Currently, the care of most reusable soft contact lens requires only one type of solution for cleaning, rinsing and storing. To learn more about contact lenses care click here.


Is there any difference between the contact lense from your left and right eye?
There is no difference between the left and right lense. You can buy a contact lens case and use them in both eyes since the prescription is the same for both.

What if I feel uncomfortable with the lens?
If you feel uncomfortable with the lenses, stop using them. If symptoms persist consult a specialist as soon as possible.

What is the difference Between Daily disposable and reusable lenses?
The main difference lies in how much time you should you use them lenses before replacing them.

The daily disposable contact lenses are usable for one day and then discarded.
Reusable lenses can be used all from weeks, days or even a month. They need cleaning and disinfection every day.


Can I use my disposable lenses for a longer period than indicated in the box?
No. Because the lens has a lifetime specified by the manufacturer. The use of time should be respected as indicated by the manufacturers.

What are the advantages of daily disposable contact lenses?

With daily disposable lenses you will be able to use one new pair of lenses each day. This is one, the majority of doctors recommend them. Since are one of the healthiest options for people who wear contact lenses on a daily basis.