Protection mask KN95/FFP2 class

Protection mask KN95/FFP2 class
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FFP2 class protection mask for respiratory protection against liquid and solid particles.

  • Protecion mask user instructions


    Application and restrictions

    Masks are used for respiratory protection against liquid and solid particles

    Do not use them as protection against gases or aerosols

    Choose products in line with the regulations of your working environment and in accordance with occupational exposure and legislation

    Do not use in a potentially explosive environment

    This dust and particle mask is limited to a single use

    Must be discarded after use


    Caution before use

    Choose the mask most suitable for your working environment

    Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for any use


    Application and use

    Remove the mask from its packaging

    Ensure that there are no holes in the respiratory zone

    Adjust the mask on your mouth and nose

    Adjust the nose clip according to the shape of your face using both hands for the best tight fit

    To make sure you are wearing your mask with a tight fit, wrap the mask with both hands, then breathe deeply. If air escape from the mask, readjust it again, taking care to position the nose clip as firmly as possible according to the shape of your nose.

    Beards, moustaches and scars can affect the proper use of the mask by leaving a leak allowing air to enter inside the mask.


    Before use

    Before going in any potentially hazardous environment, make sure your mask fits properly on your face.

    If you notice air escapes, readjust the mask.

    Any professional environment must contain at least 19.5% of CO2.

    Do not use this mask in unaired spaces as closed warehouses, wells or narrow and more generally any potentially toxic environment.

    These masks do not protect against gases or vapour

    If your breathing becomes difficult, if you experience irritation when you breathe in our out, immediately leave the place you are in, then remove the mask and dispose of it in a trash can. Any ask exposed to a potentially dangerous environment is damaged and can no longer be used.



    Do not change any part of the mask.

    If you have been exposed to a hazardous environment with your mask, remove it and use a new one

    Do not use this mask if their life time is over (the expiry date is indicated on the packaging)

    The mask protects from dust and dirt in very short-term use



    Store the mask according to instructions provided by the manufacturer

    Room temperature or storage room must be between -20° C and 40° C

    Humidity rate of storage room must be less than 80%

    The masks have been subject to annual checks and certifications by CE and FFP2 approved bodies.

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